March in Kindergarten - FREEBIES

When March finally arrives I feel like we finally are emerging from winter! YAY!

There are so many fun activities to incorporate into this month, and my kinders always love when the leprechaun comes to visit.  He plays sneaky tricks on us and leaves us treats if we are good.

I also love this time of year because it always seems so many of my students have their "a-ha" of kindergarten and are finally READING!  It is just so much fun to witness and be a part of.

You'll find a ton of freebies I am sharing with you throughout this post, along with everything I use to teach the CCSS standards while having FUN!


Here is a peek at our March Morning Work


This photo shows "Day 1" and 22 days are included for this month.

I have this seat work available for the entire year, and it progressively gets harder while covering the CCSS standards.  My students LOVE these as they quickly can become independent with them.  Some teachers use these as homework as well.   "I can" task cards are included as well that you can hang on your board and review (great alternative to writing the standards each day as learning objectives!)


Want to try a couple pages for free?! Click HERE and there are free pages in the product preview.Another way I teach the Kindergarten CCSS standards this month is in my March NO PREP Math and Literacy Pack


This pack will save you hours or compiling resources to teach your students math, reading, language and writing skills. Here are a few pictures of these March No Prep activities in action!

Literacy worksheets include:


These monthly books help build vocabulary, CAP and writing skills!  We make them in class at the beginning of each month and they read to a buddy and then take them home to share with their families.  These monthly-themed books are included in all of my Monthly NO PREP packs


I use the sight word scramble at the end of the month as a mini assessment tool.Your students will master these six new sight words by the end of each month.  So many ways to practice, and they become independent with these activities since they stay the same (the words just change each month.)


March math activities include:


Plus SO many more activities that are not pictured!!  These photos just give you a snapshot of what is included in my March NO PREP Math & Literacy Kindergarten Pack found HERE