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I love to teach students sight words.  It has helped my own daughter tremendously with her fluency and confidence.  I believe in using a multi-step approach incorporating flash cards, cut/paste worksheets, coloring, writing and fluency practice.

I have uploaded all these tools for FREE to this post for you to try!

Students can master words quickly and efficiently if you teach the word using multiple resources.

Students will master 72 sight words using these three tools: Word Work Pack, Sight Word Sentences Pack and my Sight Word Fluency pack.

I combined all three of these sight word tools into one big BUNDLE  HERE


Check out the video below to see how the sight word bundle really works!

You can download 72 sight word flashcards, along with assessment checklists for these words for FREE!


You can even download these FREE assessment checklists.  It is a great way to keep track of which words students have mastered.

CLICK HERE:  Free Flashcards and Assessment

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To help them master these sight words, here are the printables I use... keep reading to try all of these resources for FREE!


★Flash card

★Learn to spell worksheet

★Sight word build a sentence activity

★Sight word fluency page

I like to keep all the activities for each word in a page protector so I can pull them out to make copies real quick!

Just copy and you're ready to teach!

Sight Word Learn to Spell


To introduce each new word, I use these printable worksheets. I love that this activity allows students to read, trace, spell, color and build the words (cut & paste).


After doing these a few times together, my daughter (four years) can complete these on her own.  Kids love and look forward to the routine of them.

I had seen similar worksheets around on blogs and Pinterest, but they were always so crowded with too much going on.  I like my students to focus on ONE new word at a time.  This is really helpful for my ELL students as well.


I really wanted one focus word on each page, so these worksheets can fit with ANY reading program.

You can teach these 72 sight words in any order you wish!  So if we changed to a new curriculum, it would be easy to reorganize these printables in a different order/unit since most programs teach similar words.

Try  words for FREE here Sight Word Spelling FREEBIE

Love them?! Grab the entire pack of 72 words here  Sight Word Spelling MEGA PACK

Sight Word Sentences


These Sight Word Sentence Worksheets have been amazing!  I had seen similar things again floating around Pinterest, but again they were too busy and complicated for my kinders.

I knew I wanted to create super straightforward, easy to use sight word sentences that hit everything I need them to – sight words, spelling, writing, CAP, fine motor skills (cutting and pasting) and illustrating.

Best yet – these teach the exact same 72 words as my “Trace, Spell, Color & Build” sight word worksheets shown above!

My students always know exactly what my expectations are for these activities, so I’m not constantly re-explaining directions and what I want to see in their work.

Each page has a focus word at the top.  Students trace the sentence (great opportunity to discuss starting with a capital, using finger spaces, ending with a period.)

Then they can cut, match and paste the words to match the sentence.

Finally, students get to illustrate their sentence.  A great check for understanding!  I absolutely LOVE to see what my students draw.

Try a few sight word sentence builders for FREE here Sight Word Sentences FREEBIES

Love them?! Grab the entire pack here Sight Word Sentence Worksheets

Sight Word Fluency


One of the last activities that really help students master their sight words is my Sight Word Fluency Printables.

These coordinate with the exact same 72 words!   I can easily pull these fluency practice pages when I am teaching specific words.

I created these in both BW and Color versions.

I laminate the color ones to use in class (generally during small groups), and once students have been introduced to the sentences I send home the BW copies.

Parents love these and expect to see them sent home.  I explain the expectations at the beginning of the year so parents know how to help at home.

Students color a star at the top of the page each time they read the sentences.  You can then choose to have an incentive program (stickers, treasure box, etc.) when they bring back their completed fluency pages.

These printables are a wonderful tool for building confidence, fluency, prosody and truly helps cement these words in their reading vocabulary!  The picture clues are great for helping children identify new words in the sentences.

Try these sight word fluency pages for FREE here Fluency FREEBIES

Love them?! Grab the whole pack 144 pages here Sight Word FLUENCY Pack

When I teach a new sight word (we usually do 1-2 per week )  I love being organized so I can just pull four tools:

1) Sight Word FLASHCARD

2) Sight Word WORKSHEET “Trace, Spell, Color, Build”

3) Sight Word SENTENCE Practice

4) Sight Word FLUENCY Page


Love these activities?!

Save money and teach all 72 sight words using my BUNDLE found HERE

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