Kindergarten Goal Chart - FREEBIE

Happy New Year! A new year means new goals! My new incentive kit has gotten my students SO excited about mastering their kindergarten standards!


I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I am thrilled I got it done in time for the new year!

We all know as teachers that the standards drive our instruction, but getting our students excited to master these skills is half the battle.  

Some kiddos don't come to school ready and excited to learn each day, and I am always racking my brain on how to get them anxious and eager to master these necessary goals.

Sometimes I'll ask a student, "Why are we learning this today?" and if I get a shrug, or an "I dunno," then I know I need to step up my game and make this real and engaging for them!


Each kiddo will get a chart with their name on it.  

As they master a skill, they get to color the star in that box and I fill out an award for that goal with their name on it.  The bigger of a deal I make of it, the more excited they will be (and harder they will work) to earn each square.

Both color and BW awards are included, plus an editable version too if you want to change the language or wording!


If you prefer, I also made the chart in black and white.

Each time they master a new skill, I quickly fill out an award, the class cheers for them and they can color the star on their chart.  Easy, quick and fantastic motivation to get my students to want to master these skills.

The charts are editable too!

If you students and families speak a different language, you can translate the charts to a different language, or simply just change the wording as you like!

Even better, I am going to send a letter to get my parents involved!


I can't tell you how many parents show up to kindergarten orientation believing kindergarten was all about painting, playing with blocks and nap time (ha!) But honestly, how would they know what is expected of these little five and six year olds if we don't keep them informed?

So I send home an additional goal chart with their child's name to keep on the fridge or in a safe place with a letter explaining how this goal sheet works.  This is an awesome running record for parents to see exactly what their child has mastered, and they still need to work on.


The letters come in both color and BW.  You can use the letter I wrote, or you can edit the letter to add your name, date and own details.  Simply edit the PDF using Adobe 11 Reader (editing directions are included and it is super easy to do!)


When their student brings home an award from school for mastering a goal, they can then color in the star at home too! Kids are just beaming with pride to show off all that they have learned with their little awards.

The awards come in black and white to save ink.  Just print, copy and cut to have on hand when a students earns one! Super easy - all the work is done for you!


All you have to do is decide how to display student goal sheets.


Also included is a JUMBO classroom poster in the color version.  It is sized as a 16x20 JPG file you can print at a photo center.

You can grab the complete kit if you're ready to implement this incentive in your classroom.

PLEASE NOTE: not ALL kindergarten common core standards are listed on this chart.  I combed through the CCSS standards and I chose 20 BIG goals I want my students to really master before they head off to first grade.




I'll try to post pics soon, but hanging their charts on a bulletin board with clipboards works well, or in page protectors.  This makes it easy for students to go and grab their chart when they need to, and its always on display so students can see who is working hard on coloring all their stars!

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 12.54.14 PM.png


“This is perfect for SMART goals! Thanks!”

“So spot on! Will use to send home as well as in small groups to help them have a visual on which goals to work!”

“I think this amazing. We are going to use this in our all week kinder that starts next year, this will help us keep parents informed of our goals!”

“My kids loved reaching their goals!”

Grab this entire Kindergarten kit HERE

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I also have this coordinating kindergarten common core report card that aligns perfectly with the goal setting kit!


It makes assessing and the entire process of doing report cards SO much easier for you, students and parents to understand!

See it in action HERE



Do you teach first grade? I made this kit and FREE goals chart available for first grade too!