FREE Monthly Organizing Posters

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How do you keep your lessons and materials organized each day, each week and each month?

I am so visual, and I love to be organized so I can focus all of my time on teaching when my kiddos are with me. I try to have all of my copies made, organized and prepped so I can just pull and teach every day.

I keep everything organized in one of these sterilite bins, and I have one for every month.

This makes my life so much easier, and I can see everything I will be using on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

In each monthly bin, I then have a folder labeled Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

Then I can make all of my copies and keep them organized by subject, so I have everything ready to go and in one place.

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Just glue these to the outside of a hanging folder and you’re set! Each month has four weeks to prep for, so you just need one set of these.

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Inside I put my copies for each subject for the entire week. This keeps me organized and prepared for all of my lessons. This always makes it super easy if you have a substitute, they can easily find your materials by subject.

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So for example, in my morning work manilla folder for Week 1, I have days 1-5 all copied and ready to go. Each day, I go to my folder and grab my copies for Morning Work before students arrive and place it on their desks. This correlates perfectly with my Week 1 September Lesson Plans

This is so much easier than scrambling to make copies every morning! I actually do the entire month this way, and place morning work days 6-10 in Week 2, 11-15 in Week 3 and 16-20 in Week 4. You can print this entire week of morning work for September FREE HERE

Every subject has a folder for each week.

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In writing this week, we are getting into our labeling unit. So I put all of my anchor charts and activities prepped and ready to go in the folder for Week 1.

This label the dog activity is FREE CLICK HERE

All ten subjects outlined in my FREE kindergarten lesson plans have folder posters for you to print.

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If like to plan out the entire month at a time, print 4 of each subject (one for each week). If you plan weekly, you just need 1 set.

CLICK HERE to grab these free subject posters (and weekly posters) - I put them on manilla folders to hold my copies and activities for the week.

To label your sterilite bins, print these adorable monthly posters.

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CLICK HERE to print

If you need ideas for lesson planing, I am working on uploading my daily lesson plans in full detail!

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At the top of the page, you’ll see a link that says LESSON PLANS - although not every month is complete as of yet, but a few months are ready to share! CLICK HERE

I hope these resources bless you! Happy teaching :)