I love having these monthly NO PREP packs on hand.

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My kinders enjoy these hands-on activities, and I feel confident that I am teaching and reinforcing the Common Core math and language arts standards.

I can quickly print activities and make copies so I am ready to go!

Each monthly packs comes with 70+ pages of ready-to-teach printables.  

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I print each pack and place all the black lines in page protectors. This way I can quickly flip through and find the resources I need to copy for each week.

These packs are perfect for seat work, small groups, whole group instruction, math and literacy centers, sub tubs, homework and more.

To see previews and try FREEBIES from each month, click the pictures below.

Standards these monthly packs cover:

Language Arts Activities

★Capital and Lowercase Letter Matching

★Alphabet Practice

★Monthly Emergent Readers

★Rhyming Cut & Paste



★CVC words 

★Sight Word Practice – six focus words each month

—>Sight word “Read it, Trace It, Color It, Build It”

—>Sight word scramble

—>Sight word Sunshine matching cut/paste

—> Sight word fluency passages

—> Sight word sentences

★ Monthly Goal Setting

★ Complete the sentence 

★ Color by Word Family

★Color by Sight Word

★Word family sorting cut/paste

★ Sequencing – two activities!

★ Comprehension passage with questions

★ Monthly Writing Prompt – with sentence starter

★ Monthly Vocabulary cut/paste

★ Sorting groups (language standard) Sunny/Rainy Day activities



★Long Vowel/Silent -e practice

★Punctuation practice

Math Activities

★Count How Many 1-10 and teen numbers

★Composing/Decomposing Numbers

★Writing Numbers 1-20

★More than/Less than - counting objects 1-10 and teen number numerals

★Count, Compare and Write 

★Ten Frames – making 10

★One More/One Less (1-10) & (11-20)

★Counting 1-20 “Counting On” cut/paste

★ Addition and Subtraction Story Problems

★Sums of 5 

★ More than/Less Than 10 using a number line – cut/paste

★Teen Numbers using Ten Frames

★Teen Numbers – Counting On

★Skip Counting by 5s

★Skip Counting by 10s

★Basic Addition/Subtraction worksheets

★2D/3D shape sorting – cut/paste

★2D/3D shape coloring

★Base Ten counting cut/paste

★Number line addition to 10

★Ordering by size

★Sorting by weight

You can purchase each month individually,  Or SAVE BIG with my year long No Prep BUNDLE!

(only $2.80 for each monthly pack!)



“I love both the variety in activities month to month, and the predictability of some of the activities.”

“This gives me the needed time I need off my hands. I can print and go.”

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