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This curriculum gives you everything you need to teach phonics in kindergarten!

I help you target and plan your lessons using sequential, systematic instructional units. These adorable, hand-on lessons will have your students engaged and learning the standards they need to become confident, fluent readers.

I take you from beginning of the year in kindergarten learning letter sounds, through segmenting CVC first, middle and last sounds, studying word families, consonant blends, digraphs and ending with long vowels.

Each unit comes complete with literacy centers, anchor charts, no prep activities and worksheets.

The units at the beginning of the year even come with pre/post unit assessments to see what students already know.

Click each unit below to learn more.

Right now, only some of the units will take you to blog posts where you can see the unit in action and try FREEBIES!

I am working on getting all of my photos formatted and uploaded so each unit will have a blog post.

Once all units are posted, I will be creating a complete Kindergarten PHONICS BUNDLE!

Please check back again soon.


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“Another fabulous resource for me and my students to enjoy as we learn and grow together! Thanks!”

“Once again you have made another great unit!! Thank you!”

“Very thorough, good unit!”

“Engaging and easy to follow. Thank you!”

“This is awesome center work for my kinders!”

“Easy prep and comprehensive for myself and my students.”

“This is perfect when assessing my kindergarten class.”