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These FREE packs are designed to be used as Morning Work – also known as seat work.

I could never find seat work for kindergarten that met my students’ needs, so I went on an adventure to create my own! It has been incredibly eye-opening and I have learned so much.

Mornings in kindergarten are BUSY to say the least.  I simply don't have time to give quality instruction in the first 15 minutes of class.

I struggled with other packs out there because most kindergarten seat work and worksheets I found have skills that are not suitable for children to complete on their own.


For example, my kindergarten students cannot write complete sentences, or identify middle and last sounds in August and September.  Even though these are Kindergarten standards, I don’t use these skills as independent work until about February in my seat work packs.

Another pet peeve of mine is having children write letters on their own at the beginning of the year.

95% of my kindergarten class arrives on the first day not even knowing the first letter in their own name.  If I let new students trace letters, they will not write them with correct directionality.  This is why in August and September, my packs have them identifying the letters, but not yet tracing (until I can teach them how to correctly write each letter.)

These packs increase in difficulty as the year progresses and students master more skills.

This allows you to use these packs as independent seat work or even homework.  Now you can get your morning work done too (attendance, lunch count, etc.) without students raising their hands and needing assistance.

My FREE packs come with 5 days for every month! Try them for free to see how they work in your classroom.

Click the pictures below to try a week from each month!




The complete Morning Seat Work Packs can be purchased and come with 20 days of Common Core Aligned Kindergarten skills.

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“One of my very favorite TPT purchases! My mornings are so much easier now that I use these. Requires very little direction and reviews important concepts! LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

“I love the repetition that allows students to be independent in their work as well as the increasing level of complexity throughout the year. And top it off with a cherry that it aligns with standards! This allows me to check students in and get folders gone through without wasting precious time getting them focused and ready to learn!”

Save 30% by purchasing the BUNDLE – only $2.80/month!



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