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I have uploaded my FREE August daily lesson plans to help take some of the stress of planning off of your plate.

August lesson plans are split three ways: first day, first week and second week. I did blog posts for each, so the links will send you to different pages so you can print the plans and see the photos and resources I use with each lesson plan.



Please scroll down to print our FREE first day of school lesson plans, day 2 and day 3 plans, and then the last full week of August lesson plans.

I hope they are helpful for you during this busy back to school season!

First Day of Kindergarten

free kindergarten lesson plans for august

We go to school for 8 days in August.

We start on a Wednesday, and I created detailed first day of kindergarten lesson plans that you can print for FREE HERE


Day 2 and Day 3

These lesson plans can be printed for FREE HERE and I use these for Thursday and Friday the first week of school - which takes us to our first weekend (phew!)

These two days are formatted slightly different than the first day plans in that they are not broken down into time slots.

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I am still focusing on teaching rules, expectations and procedures as I get to know my new kinder cuties.

First FULL Week (last week in August for us!)

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Then we have one full week in August and those lesson plans can be printed HERE

Print and hole punch the plans so you can display them in a three ring binder.

I link to all the standards, curricula and FREEBIES we use. Most units also have blog posts so you can see pictures in actions as well as additional resources - such as videos and read alouds - that we use.

I hope you find these lesson plans helpful and enjoy the activities as much as we do. I explain and link some of the activities we do this month below.



Here is an overview of all the resources from my shop that I use this month (many of these resources carry over into September.)

Click each photo to see the blog post and pictures of everything that is included. Most blog posts have FREEBIES you can try from each unit.

To go directly to the products in my shop, please click the links down at the bottom.



In my lesson plans for the last week of August, I use two books perfect for kindergarten.


Countdown to Kindergarten and Kindergarten Rocks are the two read aloud stories I do for the last week in August. They are both perfect for back to school in kindergarten and the students enjoy them.

After I read a story, I always like to do a follow up activity with my students. This really helps with comprehension and extending the story helps students relate and ask more questions.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 10.59.07 AM.pngKINDERGARTEN ROCKS FREE ACTIVITY
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You can grab both of these FREE activities CLICK HERE

Want to see an overview of my entire school year?

I also have a curriculum map of what I teach for every month.


To download this FREE kindergarten curriculum map, please CLICK HERE