September is here!

This is such a fun month to teach kindergarten.

I have uploaded my FREE September daily lesson plans to help take some of the stress of planning off of your plate.

I hope they are a blessing to you and your students.

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I link to all the standards, curricula and FREEBIES we use. Most units also have blog posts so you can see pictures in actions as well as additional resources - such as videos and read alouds - that we use.

Grab these daily lesson plans for the entire month of September CLICK HERE

Watch this quick video on how I print, organize and use these daily lesson plans.


Scroll down the see the resources shown in the video.

You can click each photo to try FREEBIES from each resource.


We tackle so many kindergarten standards using apples, we learn about letter sounds, CAP skills, rhyming, numbers and counting and so much more!


These are all of the resources from my shop that I use this month (some of these resources carry over from August and also carry into October.)

Click each photo to see the blog post and pictures of everything that is included. Most blog posts have FREEBIES you can try from each unit.

To go directly to the products in my shop, please click the links at the bottom.



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I am so visual, and I love to be organized so I can focus all of my time on teaching when my kiddos are with me. I try to have all of my copies made, organized and prepped so I can just pull and teach every day.

I keep everything organized in one of these sterilite bins, and I have one for every month.

This makes my life so much easier, and I can see everything I will be using on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

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To read more about organizing my lesson plans and materials and grab these FREE printables, please CLICK HERE

Want to see an overview of my entire school year?

I also have a curriculum map of what I teach for every month. Click the photo below!