Phonics Unit 4 - CVC Words & Word Families FREEBIE

CVC Phonics Unit for kindergarten lesson plans

I love when we get to Unit 4 in our kindergarten phonics program. We have worked so hard to get to this point - mastering beginning sounds, then moving on to final sounds and finally tackling those tricky medial sounds.


Those first three units got us to this point, and now we are rockin’ and rollin’ with our CVC words!

I have included a fun CVC FREEBIE for you to try later in this post.

CVC short vowel anchor charts

I start the unit with these adorable anchor charts for students to read and color.

short vowel posters for students to color CVC words

They come in both color and BW so you can display them and students can have their own copy.

When they are done coloring, I have students flip over their charts and draw and write their own short vowel words.

CVC worksheets free matching short vowel words

These worksheets will help you target your instruction.

I start with the CVC bubble pages because students can pick which word matches the picture.

Then I move on to the worksheets that students must spell the entire CVC word.

Each worksheet addresses one short vowel - this will help you target your instruction.

You can even copy the BW anchor chart on the back of the coordinating short vowel Missing CVC worksheet.

short a vowel mini book

My kiddos absolutely LOVE to make their own mini book for each short vowel.

short vowel CVC books for literacy centers

Because the books are targeted by short vowel, it makes it easy to coordinate with the worksheets and anchor charts. This really builds student confidence and they are excited that they can recognize and spell the words.

short u book I see a cup
cvc puzzles literacy station

How fun are these CVC matching puzzles?

Simply print, cut them apart and students can match them (they are self correcting too!)

cvc matching puzzles - print and laminate set correcting reading center for kindergarten

They can then write the words on their coordinating recording sheet.

Simple to prep and the students love this center!

cvc crossword puzzles
CVC printable worksheet crossword puzzle free

My kiddos absolutely LOVE these crosswords! You can print one for FREE on this post to try with your students (later in the post.)

I love that they are not your average worksheet - students really enjoy the challenge, but they they can be successful with them independently too.

I do the first one with them to explain how across and down work, but then it clicks and they keep asking for more! It has definitely been a favorite activity around here.

I made them in both color and black and white. I laminate the color ones and students feel super special being able to complete them using dry-erase markers.

CVC stories and comprehension questions

These CVC stories really help build confidence and fluency with my children.

We do our pre-reading strategies of looking at the pictures and making predictions of what the story will be about.

I laminate the color copies for small groups, but the BW copies work great for whole group activities.

guided reading for kindergarten

It depends on the day, but I like to follow the I DO - WE DO - YOU DO approach where I read it first, then we all read together and then students read it to themselves or a partner. This routine works really well for my kiddos.


Once we work through our CVC practice, we really move into studying word families.

Studying word families also really helps with CVC automaticity and fluency. This helps students see the patterns in words and it builds their confidence to study sets of words that have the same “family” such as -at, -un, -op, -ig, etc. There are so many fun games and activities to play with students.

Color word families and CVC words printables
word families coloring printable CVC words

I always do the first one with my students so they see how this works, and then it can easily be moved to a center or used as fast finisher work, whole group activities, sub tubs and more. It is awesome listening to them sound out each word, find the correct color and watch their picture come together.

They cannot race through this activity because it is definitely a multi-step process. Most of my kiddos are up for the challenge!

cut and paste word families worksheets
sorting word families cvc words

Students color and cut out the pictures. They then sort them under the word families and glue them in the correct box.

I like to get my kiddos writing as much as possible, so I added four lines underneath each sort so they they have to write each word in their best handwriting.

Try a FREEBIE from this unit!

free cvc worksheet



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