I am always so excited (and so nervous) during the back to school season!

There is always so much to do that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

I have put together this page for YOU - the kindergarten teacher that has an endless to-do list.

I am sharing a ton of ideas and FREEBIES with you to help you get your school year off to a great start.  

Many of these materials are available in my Exclusive Freebie Library that you can access at the end of this page.

Kindergarten Curriculum Map

I am such a planner, which can be comical because I end up changing my plans so often I don't know why I feel the need to be so thoroughly planned and prepared.  Alas... I do!  So I am excited that I finally had the time to put together this FREE Kindergarten curriculum map.

We follow the Common Core Standards, and I map how how I teach reading, writing, language, math, sight words, etc. for each month.  Plus, I provide links to FREEBIES, activities and lessons that you can use with your students each month.

Please note - this is only an overview and you'll need to supplement where you see fit.  I will be adding additional activities throughout the year.

***August, September, October and November are currently uploaded.  Other months will be added soon!***

These curriculum maps are FREE for email subscribers in my Exclusive Freebie Library!

Need fun, hands-on kindergarten materials for the first day, week and month of school?


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It includes over 40 pages of fun, hands-on activities and worksheets that will help make your first couple of weeks in kindergarten so much easier.  

The pack covers:

  • Alphabet Practice

  • Numbers and Counting

  • Labeling

  • Fine Motor/Line Tracing

  • Colors

  • ...and more!


My No Prep August/Back to School Pack comes with 40 pages of activities, but other months come with up to 80+ pages.


All activities are Common Core aligned and are perfect for whole group, small group, homework, sub tubs, seat work and more!

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Read and Write like a Rock Star


CLICK HERE for this adorable FREE Welcome to Kindergarten Booklet and more!

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FREE First Day of Kindergarten Award

How adorable are these first day of Kindergarten awards?!

I love sending these home on the first day of school so they leave feeling excited, proud and successful.  I also like that the first note they hand their parents is positive!  Every parent is anxious to hear how their kiddo did on the first day of school.  This is a great way to start building a strong rapport with your students and their parents.

You can grab the FREE certificates HERE or the EDITABLE certificates HERE

Have a great first day of kindergarten!


Kindergarten Goals Chart and Awards

Have you seen this awesome FREE kindergarten goals chart?! It is also in my Exclusive FREEBIE Library.

This simple poster literally changed my teaching life! Students and parents love it too, because it shows them exactly what we are working towards all year in kindergarten.  Plus there are adorable awards that go with each goal, and students are thrilled to color their stars when they reach a goal.  

To see my entire post on this chart, please CLICK HERE


Back to School Kindergarten Newsletter

Type out an adorable Welcome to Kindergarten Newsletter with this FREE template!

Both a blank JPG and an editable PDF version are included in my Exclusive Freebie Library.

To edit the PDF you'll need to download the file to your computer, and open it in ADOBE 11 READER.  Other versions do not edit as easily.

The JPG can be opened in any program (I love PowerPoint) and add your own text boxes!

Many of these materials are available in my Exclusive Freebie Library.  

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I hope they lighten your load a little during this busy season.