Personalized Santa Mugs

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How adorable are these personalized Santa mugs?

These make the perfect gift to give your students this Christmas!

They only cost me about $1.00 each to make!

Students are thrilled to receive a mug with their very own name on it, and I love that they are super quick, easy and inexpensive to make.

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The wrappers come in both black and white and color.

There are three editable areas:

  1. Student name at the top

  2. Year

  3. Area at the bottom to write Love, ______ or From, _________

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Simply open the PDF in Adobe 11 Reader (free at and type in the shaded boxes. Editing is super easy and quick! Plus you can use these wrappers year after year for student gifts.

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The mugs are plastic and come with a wrapper already in them for students to color. The top lifts right off and I take out the paper and put in my own.

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Many crafts stores including Hobby Lobby and Michael’s carry these mugs for about $1.00 each (I have seen them as low at $.88!)

I grabbed a class set on Oriental Trading on Black Friday for about $21 shipped! Since you won’t be using the wrappers that come in them anyway, you can look around for the lowest priced option. Often times they put certain sets on clearance!

You can find them on Oriental Trading HERE or HERE

I love the color version, but the plus side of printing these wrappers in black and white is you can have kids color their own mugs (fill up that Christmas party time!)

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Either way these turn out as adorable gifts for your sweet kiddos!

They will be absolutely thrilled to have a mug with their very own name on it.

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You can grab these editable mug wrappers and get started on your Christmas gifts!

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Have you grabbed this adorable FREE Santa Book yet?!

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