Christmas Favor Toppers {FREE Printable}


My four year old and I had so much fun putting these together this morning.  We made enough favors for her ballet class and preschool group.  She can't WAIT to pass out Snowman Pillows, Elf Kisses, Christmas Tree Seeds and Santa's Medicine to all her little friends  ("But mom, what if Santa's tummy is hurt and he needs his medicine?!" I love this age!) These are super simple and easy to make!

You can use whatever candy you like, but I use green M&Ms for "Christmas Tree Seeds" (my girls had fun eating all the red ones left over) baby marshmallows for "Snowman Pillows" Soft Peppermint candies for "Santa's Medicine" and Hershey Kisses for "Elf Kisses"


I made these favor toppers to fit over the little craft bags you can purchase at Walmart or any craft store.  Or if you prefer, you can just fold over/cut regular ziplock baggies.Download my free printable (bottom of this post) and print.  When I cut them out, I leave a little white border.  I then fold them in half to make little "tents" that are easy to fit over the tops of the bags.My little helpers and I then filled our baggies with candy and folded the tops of the bags over.  I secure them with a piece of tape since they look cuter without a lot of empty space at the top.


Then they are ready for the little favor topper "tents"- just fold over a piece of tape on the inside of each flap and stick them on the bags!This fun little activity kept us busy all morning and my kiddos had a blast (and had enough sugar from all the red M&Ms to last a week!)

You can download and print these favor toppers (FREE) here: Christmas Favors

Please note: the favor toppers in the photos I customized with my daughter's name.  The free download doesn't have the heart or a name.

You can purchase the editable cards HERE

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