Kids Chore & Routine Cards - Printable Chalkboard

They are finally here! I am so excited to have finally finished this adorable set of BOTH routine and chore chalkboard cards.

Tired of nagging your kiddos ALL morning so you can get out the door on time? Anyone else struggle during the after school hours? Or keeping them on track for the 8PM bedtime?Enter routine cards!

No more asking or reminding your little one what they should be doing.. I now can just point to their charts.

The pictures are great for pre readers and kids truly enjoy knowing what to expect and what comes next.Magnets on the back are great for moving the cards around.  Usually our mornings stay the same, but other parts of the day are always changing.. after school activities, chores, etc.Sometimes I let my children choose what chores they get to do, and other times I just assign them.  This is great for learning the days of the week as well!I like to use mini magnetic trays for my kids, and we keep them on the wall at their eye-level (photos coming soon!) but using the fridge, cork board, poster, or anything else you can fashion would work great as well.Print these cards, laminate (optional) and apply magnets to the back.  I just use the kind that already have adhesive on them. You can find the magnetic sheets at almost any craft store, or you can order them HERE

Both our chore and routine charts makes our house run smoother creates a less stressful environment for everyone.  My kids actually like doing chores (Ha! For now at least.)  There is also an incentive card if you would like to work towards a reward or prize.

You can get these cute magnetic cookie sheets at almost any grocery or superstore.  Some Dollar Stores even have them!

Ready to get started?! Grab these chalkboard card HERE and print away. Blessings