Opinion Writing - Unit 5

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This writing curriculum is geared for kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms.

In Unit 5, we are learning how to write about our opinions.

We are writing about what foods, activities and pets we prefer. Students get to pick their favorite things about seasons/holidays and even learn how to give details and reasons to support their opinions.

Our kiddos love to share all about what they love! This is such a fun unit to teach.

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I introduce this unit using these two anchor charts.  I explain to my class that everyone has an opinion, and that is a good thing! We all like different foods, animals, movies, etc. 

The tricky part is explaining that although everyone has an opinion, no one is necessarily right or wrong.

We then practice using the vocabulary and sentence starters of opinion writing.

These come as 8.5x11 PDF files to print on regular paper or card stock, or they also come in a 16x20 JPG files to be printed at a photo center.

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This is the perfect way to introduce students to opinion writing. They simply give their opinion by circling the word and coloring the picture they prefer.

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Next, students trace the sentence starter, “I prefer” and finish the sentence by choosing a word.

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Students now have to decide which activity they like more than the other. They fill in the sentence frame using the activities shown. It is so neat to watch their confidence grow as they complete these activities. Students just love to give their opinion!

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These mini books are so much fun!

My students know the routine as my other writing units use this format.

They trace the sentence starter, choose a word from the word bank and complete the sentence.

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Students can then read their books to a partner because everyone will have different answers/opinions!

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Students love to pick between to the two choices and give their opinion on which they like more.

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The word bank gives them the scaffolding they need to add the supporting details to the sentence after “because…”

I always love to see what they decide to write.

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Practice opinion writing throughout the whole year with these activities!

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Sentence starters and word banks provide students with scaffolding to help them be confident to share their opinions.

I copy lined paper that is blank on the back so students can always flip their paper over and practice writing the complete sentence(s) on their own. Perfect for fast finishers too!

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Once my students have the hang of how to give their opinion, I move on to this activity because it gives them a little more creative freedom.

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Students choose anything they wish to give their opinion on. Then they can draw/write three reasons why.

I am totally fine with them simply writing one word, because later we can turn each reason into a complete sentence.

I just love seeing what they come up with!

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This activity works so well in a writing center. I usually put up one theme at a time and then you can rotate them out.

Students choose the box/word that they want. The bullets underneath the picture give them vocabulary words to help support their answer.

See the example below.

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These also work well in small groups or even whole group.

Everything you need to teach a comprehensive Opinion Writing Unit.

Are you ready to get started with Opinion Writing?

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