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We are ready to tackle digraphs!

I can’t believe we are already here. My kiddos were just starting school it seems like, and I remember most students couldn’t even identify their letters. Now we are reading sight words, CVC words, short stories and MORE. It is so much fun to be a part of this journey and watch this new world of reading open up for them.

It is time to learn the special sounds two letters can make when they are next to each other. I tell them we are Digraph Detectives (more on this later.)

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I start the unit by showing students this digraph chart.


It comes in both color and black and white. I introduce and make sure students know what all the pictures and words are, and we start chanting each one: /ch/ /ch/ cherry ; /ch/ /ch/ chips ; etc. through the whole chart. I usually tackle one digraph every couple of days so they have a chance to master it before moving to the next one.

digraph anchor chart kindergarten first grade

This makes a quick and easy warm up that we can do for the entire unit. I have found that if you put anything to a little song or chant, it really sticks in their brain.

digraph phonics assessment kindergarten first grade

Once they get the hang of it, they can make their own digraph chart (this also makes an easy, quick assessment tool as well to see what they know!)

digraph worksheets
digraph worksheets free

These fill in the bubble worksheets are an easy way to start practicing digraphs. Each worksheet targets three specific digraphs (shown in the bottom left corner) to help you target and break down your instruction.

fill in the missing digraph

After introducing digraphs, we move on to these fill in the missing digraph worksheets. Each worksheet targets two specific digraphs, so students are not overwhelmed with choices. Providing this kind of scaffolding for students really builds their confidence and helps you target your instruction for each lesson.

digraph books

How fun are these digraph mini books?

I have included two different versions to help you differentiate for your students.

digraph mini books
writing about digraphs sentences
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 8.22.13 AM.png

One version has the words already written for your students to trace. The other has dotted lines so your students can write a sentence on their own. Use one or both!

writing about digraphs emergent reader

I have had success with giving students their books at the beginning of the unit, and then after we learn each new digraph, we fill in the coordinating page. Then at the end of the unit, their book is complete and they can read it to a partner and take their book to home to show their families. It is a great way to reinforce what we practice each day!

digraph quilts
whale queen ship digraphs literacy center
digraph cut and paste
kindergarten first grade digraph words second grade

These digraph cut and paste quilts are always a hit! Student simply color, cut out and glue the pictures on to the correct digraph and/or word (sending on which version you’re using.)

Two versions are included so you can differentiate for your students. - one just has the digraph for students to match the pictures to, and one has students match the picture to the complete word.

You can actually start with the digraph one, and then once they are confident with this, come back and have students match the pictures to the complete word.

Each quilt targets three specific digraphs.

first grade second grade literacy center free

My students know the drill with these cut and paste quilts, as we have done them for pretty much every phonics unit this year. They work really well as a literacy center, or even whole group/small groups. I love how they are so quick to prep and make the perfect sub tub activity since my students know the expectations already.

sort digraphs
digraph sorting

These digraph sorts are another no prep cut and paste activity we enjoy doing.

I also love these because students are reading the words, but then they have to write them on the lines below as well. Quick and easy, but they are practicing so many skills with this one activity.

Four different sorting pages are included so all eight digraphs are being practiced.

digraph literacy center first grade

These digraph clip cards make such a fun literacy center for students.

digraph clip cards

I am a big believer in accountability during center time, so I made a coordinating recording sheet to go with the cards.

digraph literacy center with recording sheet free

By now, my students know the expectations for this center as we have done clip cards in our other phonics units. We use the mini clips (you can find them in craft stores or at Walmart in the baby shower section.)

After clipping all the correct digraphs, students can fill in their coordinating recording sheet. I can quickly walk by and check at the end of center time to make sure students were on task and completed their work. I love being able to hold students accountable for their assigned task so I can be working with a small group during this time.

digraph sorting and writing

This digraph sorting center also has a coordinating recording sheet to hold students accountable. Students sort the pictures and then have to write the word under the correct digraph on their recording paper.

second grade literacy center free

With this center, the words are not on the pictures. You can write the words on the back of the cards so the center is self checking, or just have students sound the words out and write them on their own. I have them do it on their own, as they already know the beginning digraph and that is really what I want to see them to be practicing with this center anyway.

This center comes with four different sorts so students are practicing all the digraphs. The SH / TH sort is shown above.

digraph picture cards for pocket chart first grade phonics lesson

These digraph picture cards can be used in so many ways! I use them throughout the entire unit, and actually print two sets - one for my literacy center and one to use whole group.

digraph picture cards for pocket charts

I introduce them whole group as we learn each digraph. For example if we are learning the SH digraph, I gather all of the SH pictures and the SH digraph letter card, as well as a couple pictures that don’t belong. We go over each picture and if it belongs, we place it on the pocket chart and if it does not, we set it aside.

digraph literacy center forst grade picture letter cards

Students really enjoy using the cards on their own in the literacy center. Sometimes I give them a specific task and sometimes I let them just explore the cards.

Often times as I am listening, I hear them playing “teacher” and it is just too cute to see them taking turns explaining the digraphs to the other kiddos and taking turns doing exactly what we did in our whole group lesson. After all, nothing helps solidify a new concept in your brain than having to then teach it to someone else.

digraph literacy center

The kids love this literacy center because they get to use plastic letters.

They simply add the digraph that is missing with the letters, and then write on their coordinating recording sheet.

Pictures of this center coming soon!

Try a FREEBIE from this unit!

free digraph worksheet digraphs

Ready to get started with Unit 6 All About Digraphs?

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