FREE Math Posters - Kindergarten Common Core Domains


How fun are these adorable Kindergarten Math Posters?!

I have been meaning to make binder covers for each of the five Common Core Math Domains we cover in kindergarten... and I finally got around to making them! They turned out so cute!

I organize all of my math materials, black lines, lessons plans, etc. by Common Core domain - this makes my lesson planning so much easier.


This makes it super easy to plan and prep each math unit as we come to it in this school year.  If you follow a specific math curriculum, this would also make it easy for you to pull supplemental material for each standard.


I am excited to share these printables with you for FREE!

In kindergarten, we cover FIVE Common Core Math Units:

Counting and Cardinality

Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Measurement and Data

Number and Operations in Base 10

I didn't have a curriculum that aligned with these standards in my district, so I created one!  These units cover ALL of the Common Core standards we are expected to teach in kindergarten.  An entire year long curriculum!

Each unit comes complete with:

★ Unit Pre and Post Assessments

★ Standards checklists for you and parents

★ Worksheets

★ NO PREP Activities

★ Math Journal Pages

★ Math Centers

★ Games

★.….and more!

Click HERE to see each unit in action and grab FREEBIES for every domain!

Ready to get your math units organized with these adorable printables? Use them as lesson plan binder covers, organize your math tubs/supplies/centers with them, or hang up in your classroom!


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