FREE Teacher Note Cards


Happy Back to School Season! I love this time of year and wanted to give all my fellow teacher friends a FREEBIE!

You can edit these adorable cards to say your name, or type another teacher's name and give as Back to School gift!

I have these sitting on my desk to use as positive notes home to parents, appreciations for my students and coworkers, notes to the nurse/office and anything else that comes up.


I have monthly themed notes for your desk!Ten adorable themes are included, and you can edit, save and print as many as you need!

Your coworkers, parents and students will love getting these cute cards from you throughout the year!

Grab your BUNDLE of personalized note cards HERE

Want to try one for free?

You can grab my FREE cards HERE

To edit these cards to say your name, download the PDF to your computer and open them in ADOBE 11 READER (other versions do not work well for editing.) You can download it for free at

Click in the editable field box and type your name.  Easy as that!