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Happy Back to School!

Many of us start back in August (or even July!) but where I grew up in Oregon, we always started in September.

I love the start of a new school year and all the possibilities it brings.  I also love to be organized and always have easy, no prep ready to teach activities that I can pull out when I need. 

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Here are a few of the activities we will be doing this month from my No Prep August Kindergarten Pack.

These packs are so nice to have on hand each month, because they teach the standards with fun, engaging activities.  I made them to hit the standards we are working on in each month – so they are developmentally appropriate and not just “busy work”.  The activities progressively get harder throughout the school year and are perfect for small groups, whole group, homework and more!

I added some FREEBIES to this post so you can try them with your kiddos!

Here is a peek at how my August No Prep pack looks...


I organize each monthly pack in a flexible, 3-pronged folder with page protectors.  This way I can easily see the activities and skills and I can pull them and quickly make copies.

Having an entire month's worth of activities in page protectors makes it so easy to find what I need and stay organized.

I have all language arts/reading activities together and then the math.


At this point in the year, most of my students haven’t mastered the alphabet.  In fact, most of my kinders start school not being able to recognize the first letter in their name.


We do a lot of letter recognition,  capital and lowercase matching and first sounds in August and September.

These activities are wonderful if your kiddos can’t quite write their letters yet (I try to stay away from tracing letters until I teach them the correct directionality for each letter. To teach handwriting and directionality, I use this pack.)

The printables included in this download are super simple and straight forward - perfect skills for the first couple weeks in kindergarten.

labeling and rhyming worksheets free kindergarten

We also work on CAP skills, syllables and rhyming. This month is all about back to school!

For scaffolding, I made two versions of the labeling. For the first month or so of school, most of my kiddos need the activity that has the words already written in each box.  Then they can look at the letters and match the words.  A few of my higher kiddos can use the version that doesn’t already have the words.

These worksheets are perfect for August or September in kindergarten.  

animal matching kindergarten mini book

These cute animals match the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Students are practicing tracing lines, hand-eye coordination and matching skills.  


All of my monthly no prep packs come with these adorable  emergent readers.  

back to school kindergarten book
emergent reader tracing book kindergarten

My students look forward to them each month, and once I teach them my expectations... they know the routine!  They are awesome for practicing sight words, vocabulary, CAP and fluency. We start the year doing them whole group, and then they move to a literacy center for the rest of the year.


These activities hit on important kindergarten skills - syllables, sorting, sight words and sequencing.

Sorting this month focuses on what we eat vs. what we drink? This activity sets students up for success for so many of the printable activities we do this year.

shape worksheets free

We love these shape activities! I display 2D and 3D shapes on my math table for most of the school year. The shape sorting and coloring shapes activities are in every monthly no prep pack, so students get the hang of these throughout the year. This month we do them together.

How fun are these Color Coordinating worksheets?!


Students color each page the correct color and can trace the word below. This a great activity for discussing expectations when coloring - staying in the lines, taking our time, etc.


They are perfect for back to school!

All of the activities in these monthly packs are Common Core aligned, and in August we start very simple.


 Many of my students do not understand 1:1 correspondence, and although they can "count to 10"... they have no clue what that looks like (nor can they identify actual numbers.)


  We start with numbers 1-3 and just practice basic counting and 1:1 correspondence.


If you need a first day of kindergarten activity, this pack comes with a couple!

first day of kindergarten activity

I put the “This is ME on the First Day of Kindergarten” printable on their desks first thing. Students can color a picture of themselves in the box and I always take a photo of them on the first day of school too. We also do this on the last day of kindergarten and it is so fun to see their progress!

Each month, I give my students a goal setting sheet and writing sample.  I keep these in individual folders for my students, and at the end of the year we have a fun portfolio for parents. Their progress throughout the year is always amazing and fun to document (so we don’t forget just how far they have come over the course of nine short months!)

We only go to school about 8-10 days in August, but there are tons of activities in this pack that are perfect for beginning of the school year in kindergarten.

My September No Prep Pack has over 70 pages of activities (so we move on to that pack pretty quickly.)

Try an activity for FREE!


Ready to get started?! Grab the entire pack for August. 


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