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I am so excited to have my new Operations and Algebraic Thinking Unit posted!

By this time of year, we have mostly finished up our Counting and Cardinality work (we do come back and work on teen numbers through the end of the year) so now we are ready to tackle addition and subtraction.  This is so fun to teach!

The kids love all of the hands-on activities we get to do, and I love how easy it is to keep them engaged.

Try a few FREEBIES from this math unit! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Our kindergarten didn’t have a math curriculum that aligned with the common core standards.

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I set out looking for one, but could never find units that included:

★ Pre and Post Tests

★ Standards checklists 

★ NO PREP worksheets

★ NO PREP problem solving activities

★ Critical thinking journal prompts

★ Centers

★ Games

★.….and more!

So I finally created a unit for each kindergarten common core math domain, and I am so excited to share them with you.

Counting and Cardinality

Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Measurement and Data

Number and Operations in Base 10

tWe are ready to tackle addition and subtraction, so we are dicing into our Operations and Algebraic Thinking Unit.

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I love jumping into this unit!  We have so many fun, hands-on activities to do with my students.

I did my best to organize this unit as I do all my math units – so it is easy for you to implement and use.  

I keep my math units in three-ring binders.  I use page protectors to keep my lessons and black lines organized – no more filing cabinets to dig through!  

I love this because it keeps my papers nice and smooth, and it is so easy to flip through and see what I have to grab exactly what I need.


I start by sending home the Standards checklist to parents so they know what we will be doing in class.

I include both a Pre-Unit and a Post-Unitchecklist to send home.  The only difference is the headers.

I do this before all of my math units.  This way there are no surprises at report card time and parents can help at home.  


These are great to slip in my lesson plan binders too!

The post unit shows parents what students actually mastered on their post-unit test (and what they still need to work on.)

Don't have a unit pre-test and post-test?  I made them for you!


My district requires we give pre and post tests for all our math units so we can chart growth.  As you can see they are the exact same tests, but just with different numbers/problems.


These tests cover all the required standards that we teach in our Operations and Algebraic Thinking unit!

After we take this tests to see where students are at, we are ready to get started with our unit.

A peek at the worksheets and NO PREP activities

NOTE: I start with addition and completely make my way through addition until mastery.

Then we come back and do subtraction in the exact same manner.


The activities and worksheets start very basic with pictures.  The first few don't even involve number equations.  I just want my students to understand that adding is putting two amounts together.

I do however introduce the math symbols +, -, =


Then we move on to putting it into action and practicing!

I love using number lines with this unit.  It is so helpful to have students actually "hop up" on a number line to see how much they are adding.

With the pictures, you can have students write the numbers below the pictures if you prefer.

For example, this is what we do:

  1. Count the lady bugs on the leaf, write the number below the leaf. Find the number on the number line and circle it.

  2. Go back and count the lady bugs on the second leaf. Write the number below the leaf.

  3. I tell the students this second number tells us how many times we HOP!

  4. Now we HOP! Start at the first number on the number line (that we circled) and hop up the correct number of times to find the answer to the problem.

  5. The number we land on is our solution that we write it in the box.

I include a few worksheets that practice using number lines because the first time I am mostly modeling it.  My kiddos  totally get the hang of it and LOVE it!

Subtracting is the same with number lines but we hop the other direction.

I do NOT teach this at the same time (like I mentioned earlier).  I have my students completely master addition and then we come back and do subtraction so they aren't confused.


Once they get the hang of adding with number lines, pictures and ten frames, we practice, practice practice.  

These worksheets are awesome because all on one page, students show many different ways to solve an addition or subtraction problem.

We read the story problem together and circle to key numbers.

Then they must draw a picture, solve on the number line, show the problem and solve on the ten frame, write an equation and finally write their answer.


All of these steps truly solidify their understand of what an addition problem (or subtraction) really is! I love making them show their work in different ways too.


We do these the first few times together, and then they can complete these on their own!

Six worksheets are included for addition and six for subtraction.


Two other standards that are required is knowing what to add to a number 0-9 to make it equal 10 and fluently adding and subtracting within 5. These practice pages address both of these standards!


For the Sums of 5 pages - some have the equation written already and students have to color the pictures to match (for example 4+1=5 they color 4 apples one color and 1 apple another color to represent the equation). Other worksheets they must come up with it on their own!


These story problems print two per page and are great practice for students.  Simply cut in half and they work well for self starters, small group, whole group, etc.


Do you do math journals?  These are perfect for their journals!  If not, just put them apart in strips and this are great warm ups, exit tickets and for fast finishers.  These address all the skills they need to know in this unit.

Worksheets are essential and a must, but I really want my students practicing these skills with hands on centers and activities!

A peek at our MATH CENTERS


Included in this bundle are all of these fun games and activities!


Our absolute favorite is always "Fishing for 5" and "Fishing for 10"In my opinion, there is no better way to get your kids fluent with their math facts.  They're having so much fun they don't even know they are learning.

Similar to Go Fish the card game, they hold a number card in their hand and must ask other students for the number that will make their card equal 5 (or 10 depending on which one you're playing.)

TWO VERSIONS: Making 10 and Making 5


We are having so much fun practicing addition, subtraction, making 5 and 10 and more!

These number bonds are a fun activity to do whole group.  I have mine pair up so I don't have to print/laminate so many copies of each page.  Then they each get their own recording sheet.




kindergarten adding and subtracting worksheets

Ready to get started on your Operations and Algebraic Thinking Unit?!

All the prep work is done for you with this bundle! Over 150 pages worth of worksheets, checklists, tests, games and activities! 



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