FREE Kindergarten Centers for January

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I am so excited to be posting FREE January centers you can use in your kindergarten (or even Pre-K) classroom!

I hope you enjoy these activities as much as we do.



This is a fun way to expose kiddos to January themed vocabulary words.  

I print and laminate the color cards so students can practice tracing the words and filling in the spelling boxes.  Then they can record the words on their recording sheets!  There are two recording sheets and nine vocabulary cards (three pages.)

This is an easy and fun center with little prep for you!


This center is great for practicing sight words! Each month, I teach my students six new sight words.

Simply print and laminate the sight word flashcards, and I have partners start by quizzing each other.  Then each partner gets a recording sheet.

Students take turns rolling the dice and tracing the correct sight word.  If they roll the number and that word has been filled, they lose a turn.  The first person to fill their recording sheet up wins!

For more practice with these exact same six sight words, please see my January No Prep Packet HERE.

Are your kiddos rocking and rolling with their CVC words right now?! We are loving this center!


Simply cut out the snowmen and snowflake words, and students have to match them.  Then they find the corresponding picture on their recording sheet (there are two sheets - I print front to back) and spell out the word.

My students love to complete this center with a partner.  Students get to practice 20 CVC words with this one center!


This center is a fun way to practice number recognition and counting.


You can easily differentiate as well if students need practice with numbers 1-6 or if others are ready to use two dice and practice numbers 1-12.

Just print and laminate the boards, give students counters/beans/snowflake counters (anything to cover to snowflake) and dice.  They roll and cover the correct number.  Whoever covers more snowflakes wins! Players lose a turn if they roll a number that has already been filled up.


I cannot say enough good things about this Snowman Sums of 5 game!

My kids beg me to play this, as it is similar to Go Fish.

Play this game enough times and your students will be fluently adding within 5 in NO TIME!

I print and laminate the snowman cards reminding students how to make 5.  It is a nice little anchor chart to display for them while they are playing.

Then print and cut apart the number cards (laminate too if you wish!)

Each student holds 1-3 cards (I start with one and build up) and they take turns asking each other for the number they need to make five.  If they ask and their partner doesn't have the card - they take a card from the snow pile (other cards facing down.)  If they do get the card they need they get to lay it down and this makes a point.

Two-color (red/yellow) counter chips are perfect for using with this game because one child can be yellow and one child can be red.  It is easy of them to count once the game board is filled up to see who wins! Grab a kit HERE

I play with my students until they get the hang of it.  You will have so much fun practicing sums of five!


This is an easy (and very little prep) center for you to set up!

I have students cut out the numbers and they glue them in order on a sentence strip.  This can actually make two centers and they can do 1-10 or practice teen numbers with 11-20.  With the two blank snowman, I challenge my students to write the next two numbers in order.

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