Superhero Teacher Appreciation

Teachers truly are my superheroes!This page contains affiliate links.  Read Full Disclosure I remember hearing a statistic that more than half of all teachers leave the profession within five years.  It is such an overwhelming, exhausting and under appreciated profession.. yet so rewarding and wonderful at the same time.  I teach my children a lot at home, but I also am sure to always show their classroom teachers how much I appreciate all they do for my kiddos as well.This year for back to school, our parent committee put on a superhero themed bash for our elementary staff.  Incredibly fitting... right?!  We had SO much fun doing this for our staff and teachers.

All of these printables can be found in my Superhero Teacher Appreciation PackHERE

We decorated the whole staff room in a Superhero theme. This superhero tableclothwas a hit!We popped popcorn and grabbed these cute little popcorn boxes


I looked around at a bunch of ways to display the popcorn, but settled on these because they stand up right on their own, are sturdy and came with 100 in one pack!I wasn't sure if the teachers would like licorice, or DYNAMITE in a tub, but needless to say the tub was completely empty at the end of the day! You can grab a tub HERE


Our Superhero Fire Power was simply Atomic Fire Ball Candy


It is fun to put little gifts on the teacher desks.  We bought these adorable little superhero gift totesand filled them with goodies shown below.  These tags are editable so you can type their names.I made mini felt superheroes out of blow pops (seriously quick and easy!) and then added chocolates and a Dutch Bro gift Card... because even superheroes need to refuel!The teachers were thrilled to find these waiting on the desks!  Even if they don't drink coffee, there are other yummy drinks there too.Everything is formatted for you.. ready to print! This printable superhero pack also comes with cupcake toppers and cutout decor words.

Two adorable posters in multiple formats and sizes are also included!

Everything you need for your superhero teacher appreciation event... anytime of year.

Lastly, this pack has a poster and tickets for a prize/raffle giveaway.  

We buy one big ticket item each month to raffle off for the teachers and staff.  This month was a wooden painted alphabet chart.

We put on something fun for our teachers once a month to give them a boost and to say thank you for all their hard work!  After all... teachers are superheroes in disguise!

Grab this printable pack HERE