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Welcome to math in kindergarten! Click on each unit below to see how we hit all the math standards in a fun, hands-on way and try FREEBIES from every single unit.

As a classroom kindergarten teacher, I struggled to find a curriculum that came complete with pre and post unit assessments, standard checklists, worksheets, journals, no prep activities, and hands-on math centers.

I spent so much time piecing my lessons together, that I finally decided to take a leap and write my own curriculum that covered all of the kindergarten math standards. Even if you do not follow the Common Core Standards, these units will hit most - if not all - state standards as well.

My goal with these math units is to make your teaching life easier - so you can spend more time teaching, and less time finding supplemental curriculum that is engaging and appropriate for your students. These units come complete with everything you need!

Read the reviews below from my Kindergarten Math Bundle.




“Absolutely brilliant resource. I'm so excited to start using it.”

“This is going to make things so much more easier and organized . This is a wonderful product. Thanks so much for making it.”

“A must have when teaching standards for your Kindergarten class.”

“All of the hard work is done for me! Thank you for saving my sanity!”

“This is perfect for Kindergarten Math. You don't need anything else!”

“Learning seems to be more like a game with these worksheets, than school work. Very fun to use.”

“These are highly engaging for my little learners!”

Each unit includes pre and post assessments, worksheets, math centers, no prep activities, standards checklists for you and parents and MORE!

Click the unit pictures to see each unit in action and try FREEBIES!

Save BIG by purchasing all FIVE kindergarten Units in one big bundle!

This will take you through the entire year of math instruction in kindergarten.

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