Writing Lists in Kindergarten - Unit 2 FREEBIE

Welcome to Unit 2 in my new Kindergarten Writing Series!

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In Unit 1, we tackled how to label. I am teaching my students that words have meaning, and we can put letters together in specific ways to make new words.

Now we are moving on to Unit 2 - Making a List. This unit is so fun to teach, and the progress students make is incredible. Their confidence is growing and students can even become independent with these resources once they learn the routines and expectations.

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This Making a List writing unit is perfect for beginning of the year, or even throughout the entire year in kindergarten and first grade.

 I start the unit by teaching students that words belong together, and we can group words into lists. In fact, we are always makings lists in our heads... even if we don't realize it! 

I brainstorm lists with my students whole group - our favorite foods, toys, animals, etc. This really gets their gears going and they get so excited to create more lists! I love how excited kinders get when they realize words have meaning!

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To get my kiddos started with creating lists, we use these cut/paste activities. There are five themes included.

Students simply trace the words, color the pictures and then cut/paste the items on to the list. I’ll say, “What is on your grocery list today?!”

Then to expand the activity, they have to draw three more items that would make sense on their list. If it is the grocery list, they could add items such as hamburger, hot dogs, paper towels, cheese, chips.. the possibilities are endless! It is so fun to see what they come up with.

Here is an example of what the school supply lists looks like completed:

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Once my students have completed the cut/paste lists, their gears are really going! We then move on to My Favorites List Book.

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Kids love to tell you all about their favorite things, so they are more than excited to complete this book.

On each page, students use the word bank to help them choose their three favorites to make a list. I love this because students cannot simply copy each other as everyone might have different favorite items.

This is also a great way to introduce students to using word banks.

I use this book over the course of one week. We complete one page each day, and by Friday they are really getting the hang of making lists!

Next we move on to using the word bank posters with recording sheets.

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There are 17 sets included!

Students make lists about their favorite colorful items, seasons, holidays, activities and more!

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Every child’s list may be different, and that is what is so fun! There are 8 pictures/words in the word bank and students choose their favorite five.

I have students share with a partner when their list is done. This is their first experience with our “Author’s Chair” and they get to read their lists to each other. It is so adorable to watch!

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Both you and your students will appreciate the routine and structure this will give to your writing time for the next few weeks. Students’ confidence will grow tremendously and you will not need to explain new directions every day.

Your kids will simply be writing and understanding that words having meaning and can be grouped together into lists.

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I do not always get through every list set (since there are 17) so these make excellent literacy centers throughout the year! Simply change out the word banks and recording sheets for each holiday/season.


Kindergarten kiddos never get tired of making lists about their favorite things! It is the perfect way to get them practicing their writing skills.

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The word bank activities can be completed with just the black and white copies, or you can also print and display the colorful posters too.

Lastly, I included blank lists to use with any list making activity you wish!

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Try one list making activity for FREE!

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Ready to get started with this complete unit with your students?

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