November Read and Write like a Rock Star FREE WEEK

I am so excited about my new Read and Write like a Rock Star program!

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I get asked a lot about how to tie reading and writing together, while focusing on fluency, comprehension, phonics, vocabulary, writing, etc.

I’m making it easy for you with my new monthly packs!  I tell my kiddos that I want them to read and write like rock stars and they get all jazzed up!

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Writing is SO important in kindergarten, as it is in all grades!

Try an entire week of reading and writing activities for FREE!

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A few tricks I have learned is using themed, high-interest materials and exposing students to similar material over time to build confidence.  

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Each monthly Read and Write like a Rock Star pack comes with 4 themes, so we use one theme a week for each month.

November means all things FALL and THANKSGIVING!

Every week of material comes with:

  1. Comprehension/fluency passage

  2. Sentence building cut/paste worksheet

  3. Mini emergent reader

Watch their confidence, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary develop over the course of the week!

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These activities are perfect for whole group, small groups, intervention, literacy centers and more! Your lesson planning will never be easier!

Putting the activities into action – “I See Leaves” theme

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Comprehension Passage

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I like to use these in small group settings. Every student gets a page and we walk through our pre-reading activities such as discussing the vocabulary and pictures (to save on copies, you can laminate a few pages and reuse them with each group.)

I read the passage first, then we read it together and finally they whisper read/buddy read. I help students practice touching each word as we read it. Finally, we answer the comprehension question(s) at the bottom.

Sentence Building

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The pictures and vocabulary correlate with the weekly comprehension and mini readers.

We usually do these writing worksheets on Wednesday after they have had a chance to see the comprehension page. Seeing the pictures and vocabulary multiple times throughout the week builds confidence and fluency.

Students read and trace the sentence Then, they cut and match the words to paste them in order. They love to “build” a sentence and illustrate a picture to match.

Mini Readers

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We love doing our weekly mini readers! We start doing these whole group, but once they understand my expectations, routine, etc. this activity is easily moved to a literacy center.

We use these on Thursday or Friday, so students have already seen the vocabulary and pictures on the Sentence Building worksheet and Comprehension activity earlier in the week.

I read it to them, then we read it whole group chorally and then students practice reading to each other. After this, they can trace the sentences and we answer the comprehension questions on the back page.

Students love to take their books home each week to read to their families!

The comprehension questions and sentence structure get progressively more difficult throughout the school year in each monthly pack.

So simple and easy to implement right?!

Your students will be reading and writing rock stars each week with these activities!

Hands-on learning with little prep for you – each week use a different theme to teach vocabulary, sight words, comprehension, fluency, writing and MORE!

Lesson Planning Made Easy!

Your kiddos will be reading and writing like Little Rock Stars! Plus, lesson planning and prep work is minimal for you!

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You can just print and teach.  

November themes:


Plus, there is an incentive tool to get kids excited about becoming Rock Star readers and writers! 

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Once they complete an assignment, my kiddos can’t wait to color in the star showing they did it!  They love coloring and filling up their Rock Star charts.  You can choose to give awards, recognition, a prize, etc. once they fill up their monthly star charts (optional.)

Students color the stars on their chart for each assignment when they complete it.  My students LOVE to fill up their charts and this is a great incentive to complete their assignments.  You can choose to do a prize when they fill up their monthly chart!

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free turkey book reading passage kindergarten

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