Persuasive Writing - Unit 7

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We are making so much progress with writing, and now we are on to Unit 7 - Persuasive Writing.

I taught my students how to write an opinion piece in Unit 5. Persuasive writing just builds on this, and it is so much fun to teach!

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For primary students, I teach students the basic structure of persuasive writing:




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These anchor charts are an easy tool to help introduce the unit.

You can upload the 16x20 version to a photo center to make posters, or simply print the PDF on regular white card stock or photo paper.

I ask my students what they might want to persuade someone about?

We discuss topics such as why we deserve a longer recess, why kids should not have chores, and I tell my students they must convince me that they deserve a new pet, etc.

Students get SO excited to start writing their persuasive pieces!

I scaffold everything in this unit so students can be successful and there is very little prep work for you.

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This is the first activity we complete in the unit. I want my students to simply practice stating an opinion, giving at least three supporting reasons/details, and then closing with another opinion sentence.

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Versions for kindergarten, first grade and just “school” are all included. You can use whichever one fits your classroom grade level/needs.

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Then we do our Mini Reader. I explain to my kids that the author is trying to convince us that cookies are the best dessert. In order to persuade us, they have to give lots of supporting reasons/details.

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My students love reading this book, and then I have them practice writing the sentences on the dotted lines below. After we are finished, they color the pictures and practice rereading their books to a partner.

Once we have completed our mini book, I feel like my students are really ready to dive into persuasive writing.

We start with with the dessert or sport writing prompt shown below.

I first just show the class the word bank with pictures and I have them think/pair/share… “Which Sport Should We Play?”

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It is so cute how kiddos always get fired up about decisions like this. It doesn’t take much to get them excited to write about what they think. I always reinforce that they cannot simply say “BASKETBALL!” Rather… they have to convince, or persuade me that it is the best choice.

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Three different writing papers are included. I like to use the one shown above, but the one with boxes instead of lines are great if you have students who are not able to write sentences. They can draw a picture or write a single word.

Once this is done, they are ready to write a complete five sentence piece on the final draft writing paper provided.

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Now that my students have a grasp on the basics of persuasive writing, we really have fun with the Build the Best Sundae activity.

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This is so much fun and can be used in small groups, whole group or in a writing center.

I print the larger, color sundae pieces and students love building their very own. They like to pick their flavors, toppings, bowl, etc.

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Black and white sundae pieces are also included and students can color, cut and paste these.

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After they build their sundae, students can get to writing to convince us that their sundae is the best!

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Multiple writing papers are provided to help provide scaffolding for your students. This helps students organize their ideas and they can even draw in the boxes or write single words. Using this multiple-step approach really builds their confidence.

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This unit also comes with adorable writing craftivities for December and March.

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Two activities are included:

1. Students must persuade Santa that they should get three presents.

2. Students must persuade the teacher that we should adopt a classroom leprechaun (shown below)

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How adorable to hang these up in the hallway or class bulletin board?!

Students will each have different reasons for wanting to adopt a classroom leprechaun, but a word bank will help them with ideas.

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For additional practice, there are six more persuasive writing prompts included. All of these have word banks to help students with vocabulary and spelling, and all come with two formats.

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These are perfect for solidifying students’ persuasive writing skills. They enjoy the predicability, structure and routine of these activities.

Plus, they are always excited for the prompts! What student doesn’t want a longer recess, a new pet, or ice cream for dinner?!

Ready to get started on this unit?

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Need more writing ideas?