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Long vowels silent e phonics unit free

I can’t believe we are gearing up to tackle long vowels! My sweet kinder kiddos have come SO far this year - and it is hard to believe they are ready to learn about SUPER E.

I absolutely love this unit and so do the students! After all, when a SUPERHERO comes to the classroom, you know it will be an exciting time. Whoever thought phonics instruction could be so fun?!

When your kiddos get to wear their very own SUPER E headband and make a SUPER E magic wand (both are FREEBIES right here on this post) they will beg you to start your phonics lesson every day.

We just completed Unit 6 Digraphs, so now I am about to rock their little world and tell them that vowels can make a NEW sound when SUPER E comes on to the scene.

long e anchor charts posters

How fun are these SUPERHERO E posters? These make great anchor charts for students to reference throughout the unit, or hang them in a literacy center.

All four posters shown are included in this unit.

cute and paste long e worksheets

I like to start the unit with these super simple cut and paste activities.

Since SUPER E is now on the scene, we cut out the stars with e on them and glue them at the end of each word. I tell my kinders, “See?! SUPER E is so super he can change the word just by flying on to the end of a word!”

Silent e literacy center phonics unit

This is a super easy and straightforward way to introduce them to how SUPER E works.

Next, we do a similar activity where they simply write the letter e to “complete” the word.

complete me with silent e writing worksheet

This is the perfect next step to help students understand how SUPER E can complete a word.

writing long e words kindergarten first grade phonics program free

They write the SUPER E at the end of each word, and then I have them write the entire word on their own on the dotted lines. Providing this scaffolding for students makes learning SUPER E simple and fun.

Then I move on to get more specific and in depth with each long vowel with the charts below.

super e color worksheets anchor charts long vowel silent e

I introduce one long vowel at a time, and these BW charts are perfect to use.

I Say, “SUPER E is here and makes “a” so excited she says her own name!”

magic e worksheets first grade phonics

Working on long i, we read all the long i words on the chart. I tell them they get to be SUPER E detectives and figure out which “long i” word goes in each spelling box.

We count the letters in each word, look at the letter shapes and then they decide where to write each word. Finally they color the pictures, and they have their very own mini anchor chart for their reading folders!

long vowel worksheets free

These SUPER E Bubble worksheets are a great way to have students simply practice reading long vowel words.

reading long vowel worksheets

They only have to read and decide between two words for each picture, and this makes it simple and straightforward for students. But it is great practice for them to just read and practice applying the SUPER E skills we have been learning about.

long vowel silent worksheets

This is the perfect next step for your SUPER E unit.

Each page targets a specific vowel, so they coordinate nicely with the student anchor charts and mini books shown below.

This makes it easy to gather all of your materials for each long vowel, and your unit can stay sequential and focused!

These worksheets really help students practice the spelling patter o _ e ; a _ e ; i _ e and u _ e.

long vowel mini books

Kiddos absolutely love these mini books, and you will too because they also target each SUPER E long vowel (so they coordinate perfect with the other activities!)

long a activity for kindergarten
long vowel literacy center

Shown above is our o _e mini book.

Repeated exposure using different, targeted activities help students master each long vowel in no time.

sorting cut and paste long vowels

These cut and paste sorts are a great way for students to practice being able to hear the different sounds each vowel makes. It is also a great mini check for me to see how each student is progressing with mastering SUPER E long vowels.

These are no prep for you, and work well as a whole group activity, during small groups, literacy centers or even a sub tub.

They sort the pictures under the correct heading, and then I have them write each word on the lines below.

long vowel sentences reading writing comprehension check

These SUPER E sentences are a great way for students to practice reading, writing and comprehension - all with this one activity! Plus, they also target one long vowel at a time!

long vowel sentence scramble worksheet

I go over the words in the word bank, and then I can have students work in pairs to complete these worksheets.

These are a great follow up after the spelling long vowel words and long vowel mini books.

long vowel reading fluency comprehension first grade

We are ready to practice our fluency and comprehension with SUPER E long vowel words!

Five adorable stories are included, and come in both color and black and white.

I like to use these in small group settings, but you can definitely implement them whole group as well.

long vowel reading passages with comprehension questions

I use the I do, We do, You do approach. I read the story first, then we choral read, and then I have students whisper read it to themselves.

This builds their confidence rather than putting individual students “on the spot” asking them to read it out loud on a cold read.

We then can be silly and practice rereading using all different kinds of voices - monster voices, mouse voices, ghost voices, etc. Anything to get them excited to practice fluency is a win in my book.


Here are some fun SUPER E activities and literacy centers that my students love to use!

long vowel puzzles literacy center

These puzzles are easy to prep, and they are self-correcting!

kindergarten literacy center first grade

I am a big believer in using literacy centers, but I also believe that it should be quality work time as well. I hold my students accountable for the work they should be completing (even if I can’t sit with them to monitor.)

This center comes with a coordinating recording sheet that students must fill out. I can quickly check it at the end of center time to make sure students were on task.

spelling long vowel words literacy center

You can use capital letters or lowercase letters with these sets!

spelling long vowels first grade phonics curriculum

Students get to build the words using plastic letters. You can even tape them to oil pans or cookie sheets and use magnets.

long vowel crosswords

Students absolutely love the challenge of these crossword puzzles!

long vowel crossword

Each puzzle comes in black and white, color and with an answer key.

You can laminate the color versions for a literacy center and use the BW for whole group activities.

long vowel cut and paste literacy center

These cut and paste quilts are always a hit! I have several versions available including digraphs and CVC words, so by now my students know the format and expectations.

long I words silent e

They can practice each vowel pattern two times, and these come in both color and black and white.

differentiated long vowel cut and paste worksheets

I love using these cut and paste Build a Long Vowel Word worksheets because you are easily able to differentiate within your class.

Some of my kiddos need the letters already in the boxes, so they cut and paste to match the letters. This really builds their confidence just seeing the patterns of each word spelled.

Others are ready to build each word on their own!

Four different versions are included (total of 8 printables) so all SUPER E long vowels are addressed.

Ready to try a couple of FREEBIES?!

reading comprehension freebie
long I silent e free worksheet phonics

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silent e free crowns head band

Is this crown not the cutest?!

Students love being SUPERHERO E!

We make these at the beginning of the unit to help get students excited about SUPER E.

They can cut out the crown, color it and wear it proudly. We also make adorable little wands and they simply use their wand to add E to the end of words I write on the board.

Such a fun, easy way to get students excited about SUPER E!

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Ready to get started?!

This all in one unit come with everything you need to teach your students about SUPER E vowel patterns - over 115 pages of printable activities and worksheets!

long vowel phonics unit

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