November Seat Work for Kindergarten - FREE WEEK

Mornings are busy in kindergarten - to say the least! If you've read my other posts on morning work, you'll know that I struggled with this for a long time.  I can't justify giving busy work, as worksheets need to be meaningful.   I could never find work that addressed what we are learning at specific points in the year.

For example, most of my students cannot do middle sounds, addition or writing on their own in November.


It defeats the whole purpose of morning work if they are constantly coming up to me asking for help, and this is what was happening with the seat work I was originally giving them.  I have to get my morning work done too - lunch count, attendance, reading notes from parents, etc. so we can start the day off on a good foot.I finally took the plunge and made my own kindergarten morning seat work!  This is what our morning work covers this month:

I am so excited for how it turned out, and the reviews it has gotten from other teachers.  I made these packs so they progressively get harder throughout the year, and they target the exact common core skills we are working on each month.  The skills stay the same for a few days/weeks so children build their confidence and abilities quickly.

I now have my kiddos trained to come in, sit down and get going on their morning work.  I love my mornings now, and my students are engaged, busy and working hard while I am getting ready for the day.


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