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We have so much fun with the Twelve Days of Christmas theme!

I start on December 1st with my own kiddos, and this book gets them so excited for this magical time of year.

My kids look forward to this reading this every year.  You can find it HERE

They get a little gift each of the twelve days, and I make up a little poem and card for each day.  I always forget to take photos, but I'll update this post soon with FREE printables for your kiddos too!

We also have so much fun spoiling my kids' teachers with 12 days of Christmas goodies.


Here is what we did last year for teacher gifts... it was so much fun to make their day with little gifts.  You know how passionate I am about teacher appreciation!

These teacher cards are in the same format as my editable cards, but the poems are done for you with this set!

Day 1 Todayis not specific, so if you know your teacher's favorite cookie, snack, drink, etc. you can tailor it for them!  We thought a poinsettia would be pretty for her mantle or classroom.

Day 2 We brought donuts ... "How should you start your day? With donuts of course... there is no better way!" What teacher wouldn't love to start their day with donuts? We sent a box of seven so she can share with her teacher teammates.


Day 3 We gave her a $10.00 Target card... every teacher's favorite store!


Day 4 A yummy candle for the holidays.


Day 5 When I was a classroom teacher, my hands were raw from the hand-sanitizing, shoe tying, paper grading, hand washing business I did day in and day out.  So this is the perfect gift for any teacher... we wrapped up super soft lotion and tied it with a bow.  Target and Dollar Tree both have super cute ornaments to decorate the gifts, and soft hands bring me true JOY!


Day 6 I love giving personalized gifts! These labels are printed on regular return address labels (I used Avery 5160) in a Microsoft Word document. I inserted a cute pencil graphic and typed her name.. easy peasy! Its so nice to have these on hand as a teacher so you can put a label on your books and supplies instead of hand-writing your name over and over again.  So cute!


Day 7 Movie tickets or movie codes (RedBox or others) are perfect to give teachers! Over the Holiday Break they will finally have the time to relax and watch a good flick!

Day 8 Here is another fun personalized gift! I used these adorable note cards and simply printed them on white card stock and cut them out. They are perfect for teachers to have on their desk to send notes home to parents, to the nurse, to staff members and even pass out notes to their students.

The best part is you can edit them for all your favorite teachers... over and over again! 10 themes are included.

Grab them HERE


Day 9 Being on their feet all day, it sure is nice to have cozy socks!  I found these cute fuzzies at Target.

Day 10 As much fun as December is, it can be totally exhausting...  so we are sending in reinforcements in the form of coffee! There is nothing like a gift card so she can grab her favorite drink on the way in to work tomorrow morning.  You can ask the barista for an empty cup... wrap up them up together in cellophane and it is super cute!

Day 11 Have you seen these amazing Sea Salt Caramels at Costco? They put them on sale for $7.99 and they are SO good!

Day 12 With end of quarter grading, prepping for the classroom Christmas party and everything else, I think our favorite teacher deserves a night off from cooking!

These cards are already formatted for you!

Grab them HERE and have so much fun spoiling your child's teacher for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Want to edit the 12 little notes yourself?

Write what you want on each day!


Add your own text on each day using my EDITABLE 12 days of Christmas cards!


And I also have FREE 12 days of Christmas cards available!

You can use these for your child's teacher, or if you're on your school's Parent Teacher Committee, you can do big gift baskets using these cards and draw a staff winner each day.  We have done that at my daughter's school in the past, and the baskets looked so pretty in the teacher lounge.  The staff was thrilled!


Simply print these adorable cards, cut apart and put them with themed little gifts each day!

If you prefer editable cards, I have those available too so you can add your own poems.

The link for the cards is at the bottom of this post.


Here is how a couple of ours turned out!All the writing, grading, cutting, gluing, wiping noses, tying shoes... taking care of teacher hands is a must!Teachers... caffeine... enough said! If your favorite teacher doesn't drink coffee, get her a cute mug for hot cocoa instead!Everyone needs a cozy blanket this time of year.  Have you seen the super plush ones they have at Costco? We fight over them at my house! They usually go on sale for $11.99 and they're worth every penny.We got a mini Christmas tree for our teacher's classroom, but I ended up changing this card, per request, into an ornament card (some schools don't allow Christmas decorations in the classroom), but your teacher can take home a new ornament for their own tree. I have seen super cute Teacher Ornaments at Target or check out how cute this one is!

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