October Math and Literacy Pack - FREEBIES


I love having these packs on hand each month because they teach the kindergarten standards using fun, engaging activities.  

I made them to hit the standards we are working on each month – so they are developmentally appropriate and not just “busy work”.


I added some FREEBIES to this post so you can try them with your kiddos! The activities progressively get harder throughout the school year and are perfect for small groups, whole group, homework and more!


I organize each monthly pack in a flexible, 3-pronged folder with page protectors.  This way I can easily see the activities and skills and I can pull them to quickly make the copies I need.  I put the literacy activities together and then the math.



In the month of October, I see math and literacy skills really taking off with my students.  We do a lot of letter recognition,  capital and lowercase matching, sight words, rhyming and first, middle and last sounds.


These activities work so well as literacy centers throughout the month, and I love that there is no prep for me. I target the exact skills we are working on right now in kindergarten.

Just print and teach.


We also have fun with environmental print and labeling.

Grab this label the witch for FREE!

Along with CVC words and letter sounds, we also begin tackling sequencing and comprehension.  At this point in the year, we do these whole group.  I like to teach students how to find answers and key words in the text such as first, next, then and finally.


Here is a fun way to practice CVC words and first, middle and last sounds (my students struggle with middle sounds a lot this time of year still!)

Grab it for FREE!


I teach 1-2 sight words a week, or six per month.

I use these three tools: trace, color and build worksheets, fluency passages and sight word sentences.


In the month of October, we tackle the sight words yes, why, and, they, go, for using the worksheets and activities shown above.

They do 3 activities with each word to help them see it in different contexts.  I start with the trace, spell, color and build worksheet and then go to the sentence building activity and finally practice fluency.

My kiddos love the routine of these worksheets, and I have them trained after about a month.  By the end of the year, they have mastered at least 50 sight words.



Page protectors keep your black lines from getting wrinkled and I love being able to quickly see and pull the activities I need to make copies.

These worksheets hit the kindergarten common core math standards and are so much fun for kids to complete.  They are also appropriate for this time of year in kinder.


We are working on 1:1 correspondence as this is trickier for some students to master.  Quite a few activities in this pack address this skill.


There are so many fun activities to practice number recognition and counting. Ten frames and number lines are wonderful tools to teach students about numbers.


How fun is this color by number Halloween activity? This makes for a quick activity to see which students have mastered numeral recognition though 7.


My goal is for students to not only practice sums of 5, but to leave at the end of the year fluent with these facts.  

We practice them every month in my no prep math and literacy packs! This month we use pumpkins.

Here is a math FREEBIE for you! 


Ready to get started for the month of October?!

All the prep work is done for you!



“These practice activities are right on with our skills for this time of year.”

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