September Math and Literacy Pack - FREEBIES


Happy Back to School! Many of us start back in August (or even July!) but where I grew up in Oregon, we always started in September.


I love the start of a new school year and all the possibilities it brings.  I also love to be organized and always have easy, no prep ready to teach activities that I can pull out when I need. 


I love having these packs on hand each month, because they teach the standards with fun, engaging activities.  I made them to hit the standards we are working on in each month - so they are developmentally appropriate and not just "busy work".  

I print each pack and place all the black lines in page protectors. This way I can quickly flip through and find the resources I need to copy for each week.


The activities progressively get harder throughout the school year and are perfect for small groups, whole group, homework and more!I added some FREEBIES to this post so you can try them with your kiddos!

Here is a peek at my September No Prep Pack:


I organize each monthly pack in a flexible, 3-pronged folder with page protectors.  This way I can easily see the activities and skills and I can pull them and quickly make copies.


At this point in the year, most of my students haven't mastered the alphabet.  In fact, most of my kinders start school not being able to recognize the first letter in their name.


We do a lot of letter recognition,  capital and lowercase matching and first sounds in August and September.

We also work on CAP skills, syllables and labeling. This month is all about apples!

For scaffolding, I made two versions of the labeling.

Most of my kiddos need the activity that has the words already written in each box.  Then they can look at the letters and match the words.  A few of my higher kiddos can use the version that doesn't already have the words.


Each month, I give my students a goal setting sheet and writing sample.  I keep these in individual folders for my students, and at the end of the year we have a fun portfolio for parents.


Included in this pack are tons of fun activities to practice the alphabet!


These activities are wonderful if your kiddos can't quite write their letters yet (I try to stay away from tracing letters until I teach them the correct directionality for each letter.)


They are practicing tracing lines, hand-eye coordinating and capital/lowercase matching.


Here is a fun apple alphabet FREEBIE for you CLICK HERE

This pack also works on other literacy skills such as sequencing, comprehension (at this point in the year, we do both of these whole group) sorting, and cut/paste matching.

I teach 1-2 sight words a week, or six per month.


I use these three tools: trace, color and build worksheets, fluency passages and sight word sentences.

My kiddos love the routine of these worksheets, and I have them trained after about a month.  By the end of the year, they have mastered at least 50 sight words.


Here is a sight word FREEBIE for this month CLICK HERE

September NO PREP Math


Most of my students come to the first day of kindergarten with very little to no number sense.


I spend the first month on number recognition (mostly 1-10, but some 1-20) and 1:1 correspondence.  

I introduce my kiddos to number lines and ten frames. I love this activity because they have to trace the numbers and cut/paste to order them.  Grab it for FREE CLICK HERE


We do a lot this time of year with recognizing and counting numbers 1-10. I love the sunflowers in August and September!


I also introduce the concept of 2D vs 3D shapes, and we revisit this every single month. We also cover counting on, skip counting, adding, subtracting (most of my kiddos aren’t there yet) ordering by size, and counting to 20.

I absolutely love teaching kindergarten in September!

This No Prep Pack will make teaching the standards easy for you and the students enjoy the activities.

Perfect for small groups, whole group, sub tubs, homework, self starers and more!



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Grab the entire pack for September HERE




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