December Math and Literacy Pack - FREEBIES!

December is such a FUN month to be a teacher! We are having a blast singing songs, making crafts and learning A LOT!

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We are also in full swing tackling the standards... mastering sight words, solidifying our letter names and sounds, learning all about CAP, becoming writers and authors, being number wizards, learning about 2D and 3D shapes, more than/less than, and SO much more!


Check out the math and literacy activities we are doing this month in kindergarten and try some of these activities for FREE!


My Monthly No Prep Packs all come with a themed emergent reader.  My students love making these each month!I first read it whole group, then they trace the sentences, color the pictures and we split off to read them with partners.  Then they get to take them home and read them to their families.  They are so proud of their little books! By the middle of the year, they get the routine enough that this becomes an independent literacy center.


By now, most of my students have mastered rhyming and syllables, but I still include these practice pages in every one of my monthly no prep packs.  I also always include a monthly writing prompt, goal setting sheet and labeling practice.


My students cannot do the comprehension page on their own yet.  This month, our comprehension passage is about the elf! We do this whole group, and I teach my students to find key words and underline them in the story.  

Children like the routine of these pages.  We set goals every month, and I keep them in a portfolio for parents at the end of the year.  It is an awesome way to document their progress!  I do the same with their writing prompts.  


My students have gotten pretty good at first sound matching, but they need more help with last sounds.  This pack addresses first, middle and last sounds.  We also practice using context clues to figure out the missing CVC word.

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Have you started practicing sequencing with your students? We practice retelling and sequencing after most stories whole group.

I want my students to practice the key words first, next, then and finally.  They're definitely getting it!

Try this activity for FREE!

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Other literacy skills we work on this month include CVC words, word families, sorting, last sounds and middle sounds.

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Here is another FREEBIE  for you to practice sorting word families!


Try this Count, Compare and Write for FREE!

This FREEBIE is available in our Exclusive Freebie Library.

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Each month, I try to teach my students six new sight words.  Sometimes this is an easy feat, and sometimes the struggle is real.

This month we tackle the words: now, she, am, one, good, up.


I always use the same three activities shown.  All three activities are included for each of the six words.  The work is done for you!


---> Trace, Color & Build a Sight Work 


---> Sight word sentence builder


---> Sight word fluency passage.

This saves me a ton of time, plus my students know the drill so I don't have to repeat directions, expectations, etc.

These sight word worksheets WORK, and my kiddos love them!

Better yet, all of my Monthly No Prep Packs come with these exact sight word activities, but each month focuses on a different six words.


In math right now, I am really trying to solidify numbers 1-10, more and less and 1:1 correspondence.  We will be tackling numbers 11-20 when we get back from winter break.

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I like to teach more/less using a number line. I have students count each set of objects and compare using the number line. Tis really helps my students with the whole idea of bigger/smaller or more/less.


Try this Count, Compare and Write for FREE!

This FREEBIE is available in our Exclusive Freebie Library.

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Cut and paste activities are a fun way to practice ordering numbers. We do this for numbers 1-20, teen numbers, counting on and one more/one less.

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This pack also addresses using number lines, making ten, 2D/3D shapes, ordering by size and more!

Most of my class are not ready for addition and subtraction story problems quite yet, but my advanced little group is.  We practice skip counting by 5s and 10s every month!  

This No Prep Math and Literacy pack is aligned with the kindergarten common core standards and engaging for your students!


Perfect for direct instruction, small groups, homework, fast finisher tubs, sub folders, and more!

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