December Morning Seat Work in Kindergarten - FREE WEEK


I love the month of December in Kindergarten! All the hard work we have put into routines, procedures and laying a foundation of expectations has paid off.  My kiddos are learning so much and we are having so much fun.As I have talked about in my other posts on morning work, I feel it is incredibly important to use worksheets and activities that my students can do on their own.

I simply don't have time to give quality instruction during the first 15 minutes of school while I amgetting 26 kids checked in, monitoring backpacks being unpacked, checking folders, doing lunch count and attendance all while greeting my kiddos, chatting with parents, etc.

I also don't want it to just be play time (as this can lead to so many other behaviors!)


I prefer my students come in, follow our routine and get right to work.

I made a morning work bundle for the whole year that addresses specific standards we have just mastered or are working towards mastering.  I target specific skills throughout the year that my students can be successful with.

Here is a peek at what we are working on!


Skills I target this month include rhyming, syllables, sight words, first sounds, shapes, more/less than, numbers 1-10 and sorting groups.

The skills generally only change a couple times throughout the month, so I do not have to explain activities every day.

These worksheets progressively get harder throughout the year, and the skills change each month and my students master more skills.

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These packs even come with "I Can" task/standards cards you can hang on your board and change each month!

We chant them whole group each morning, and soon enough my kids know them by heart! It is super cute.These packs have truly transformed my mornings!

Here are a couple reviews from my whole year bundle:

"One of my very favorite TPT purchases! My mornings are so much easier now that I use these. Requires very little direction and reviews important concepts! LOVE LOVE LOVE!"

"I love the repetition that allows students to be independent in their work as well as the increasing level of complexity throughout the year. And top it off with a cherry that it aligns with standards! This allows me to check students in and get folders gone through without wasting precious time getting them focused and ready to learn!"

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