Magical Reindeer Food FREEBIE


We love the tradition of setting out cookies and milk for Santa, but this year we are starting a new tradition.

My kiddos were thrilled to make Magical Reindeer Food!


It was simple to do and only takes three ingredients: oats, sprinkles and marshmallows.  First, I read them this cute little poem.Then we made our Magical Reindeer Food.


Plus, I always like to sneak in a little reading and writing.  My six year old and four year old both felt proud to write their own ingredient cards.My four year old wasn't quite ready for the extension writing activity, but my six year old completed this with a little help from me.You can have your kiddos sprinkle the magical reindeer food on your front lawn, but I prefer to set it out in a pretty bowl next to Santa's cookies (this makes is much easier for the reindeer to eat instead of having to dig through the grass and snow!)

I hope you are your students and/or kiddos enjoy this activity as much as we did! We had a fun, Christmas themed afternoon.

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