K is for Kindergarten!

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k is for kindergarten free book back to school

I love planning for the first week in kindergarten!

There are so many fun activities I like to plan, along with lots of get-to-know-you games, practicing procedures and routines and lots of structured "play-time" for the first week.

Right away, we start working on alphabet recognition and CAP (Concepts About Print.)


There are SO many wonderful books we can use for this!

A My Name is Alice is one of my favorite books to use that first week in kindergarten.

Students really love this story and seeing all the different animals.  We read it whole group and then make a class book. You can print this activity for free to do with your class too!

We usually read A My Name is Alice the second day of school.

Every student gets a page with the first letter of their name.  Then they can pick something to sell!

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 8.17.48 AM.png

Then we put them all together to make a class book.  

It is so fun to then reread our story over the next couple of days - all while discussing key words such as author, illustrator, front cover, back cover, directionality (left to right) letters in the alphabet, etc.

This class book is a FREEBIE! CLICK HERE

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Check out my FREE first day of kindergarten lesson plans!

They come complete with clickable links to free activities, ideas, books and more for the first day of school.




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